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ANGEL REVAMPED – "SEASON 5" - Summary Season "5" is the first season of Angel ReVamped, 
picking up from where "Home" leaves off, and continues with 44 original new stories.

Angel struggles to find his footing in Wolfram and Hart. Cordelia wakes from her coma. A 
boy who sees ghosts helps Connor reconcile with Angel. Spike comes back "a little 
different". Gunn's newfound sense of purpose doesn't always fit Angel's plans.. Willow 
becomes a recurring character. Lilah and Wes love, hate, betray and break each others 
heart. Lorne finds love from a dangerous partner. An old beau of Cordelia’s resurfaces. 

Episode 1: Moving On and 
Episode 2: Moving Out by VKMax and Gemma (Two Part Premiere)

Part One 
Cordelia wakes from her coma as the gang settles into the new positions at Wolfram and 
Part Two
The gang move their possessions out of the Hyperion as Cordelia makes a life=changing 

Episode 3: Hunter by VKMax 

Connor finds himself drawn to the Hyperion where he befriends a homeless boy with unusual 

Episode 4: Eurydice by Rona

The gang takes on a case of a man who is keeping his wife’s essence alive in another 
woman. Lilah begins an affair with Angel after Wes rejects her. 

Episode 5: Same Place Twice by Greyfus

Gwen stops by at Wolfram and Hart with a hidden agenda and heats up an old flame with 

Episode 6: Bully by Gemma

Fred feelings for Gunn resurface as she works on a device to control Gwen. Angel tries to 
hide the truth about Connor. 

Episode 7: The Ace Of... by I_Glow_Like_Cordy

The mystical power surrounding Los Angeles draws Willow into the team. 

Episode 8: Many Happy Returns by Rona 
The gang plans a surprise party for Angels 250th birthday as the Hellmouth brings Spike 
back from oblivion. 

Episode 9: Fragile by VKMax 
A very confused, very human Spike is taken back to Wolfram and Hart by Connor. Lorne 
leaves Wolfram & Hart after a confrontation with Angel. 

Episode 10: Ink Stains by {mikeyG} and VKMax

Connor and Spike begin a bond of friendship as Angel continues to fight his feelings about 

Episode 11: Home Grown by Toothy 
A woman named Fana brings forth some dead but lively beasts from the La Brea Tar Pits. 

Episode 12: High Voltage by Veggieburger and Rona  

Fred takes vengeance and jealousy too far when she uses Gwen’s power against her. We’s 
desire for Lilah leads him to use a magical "cure" for his romantic woes. Faith returns to 

Episode 13: Red Diamonds and Silk by VKMax, Toothy, and Veggieburger

Gunn reveals how he became a vampire hunter, while Faith and Angel lead the group to a 
demon threat in Chinatown. 

Episode 14: Angelolatry by VKMax 

Connor's best friend is kidnapped by Drusilla, who returns to take vengenace on Spike for 
killing her lover. Faith leads the team back to Chinatown. 

Episode 15: Promises by VKMax, {mikeyG}, and I_Glow_Like_Cordy 
Fred and Gunn resolve thier former issues when assigned a special project by Wolfram and 
Hart. Spike assists Connor’s dying friend, who confronts Angel about Connor. 

Episode 16: The Bond by {mikeyG} 
Wes leaves Wolfram and Hart to deal with his stricken father. Gwen and Gunn square off 
over an interesting case involving the brother of a former Wolfram and Hart client 

Episode 17: Hostile by Veggieburger 
Cordelia and Lorne return to Los Angeles as the gang prepares to fight to the death 
against a "hostile takeover". 

Episode 18: Playback by Veggieburger

The group’s pasts are exposed as a haunted song causes some strange and dark revelations 
from the gang. 

Episode 19: In Turn (The Intern) by VKMax  
Lilah lures Connor to Wolfram and Hart. Gunn sells his soul to save Wes.

Episode 20: Loaded by VKMax  
The gang is falling apart as Gunn sets out to destroy them. Gunn takes Cordy hostage as 
the gang fight off an assault by the resurrected corpses of former associates.

Episode 21: The Firm by VKMax 
Gunn continues his assault against the team as some of them seek answers in the White 

Episode 22: Flash by VKMax, Toothy, and Veggieburger  
Sahjahn returns to destroy Connor by manipulating time to undo his birth. The senior 
partners have a surprise for Lilah.

SEASON "6" - Summary
Season "6" is the second season of Angel ReVamped, and introduces new original characters 
and a new environment for the team as they regroup after Wolfram and Hart. 
The season ends with a shocking turn of events that leads Angel to battle a deadly but 
unexpected foe. 

Episode 1: Wonderland by VKMax

The gang is thrown into a dream-like dimension where they confront their own personal 

Episode 2: Brothers of the Night by Toothy 
Our heroes endure a harrowing trip "home", confronting one terrifying threat after 

Episode 3: Loose Fred by Gemma 
Fred struggles to find her place in the team with some help from a special friend.

Episode 4: Chimera by Veggieburger 
Lorne is exposed to a deadly bio-engineered disease, as Riley Finn stalks an ex-Initiative 
doctor who threatens to steal Wes’s heart. 

Episode 5: The Two by Rona

Two charming little girls aren’t all that they seem.

Episode 6: Harmony by Gemma 
Harmony appears on the scene with a mysterious fiance.

Episode 7: The Handy Man by VKMax 
No Description Available

Episode 8: More Harm Than Good by VKMax

No Description Available 

Episode 9: Recovery by Veggieburger

Buffy teams up with Angel, Spike, and Riley to rescue an AI team member from the 

Episode 10: Where the Heart Is by VKMax 
Dawn and Connor spark as Angel and Buffy resolve some unfinished business.

Episode 11: Bloodlust by VKMax

Two powerful slayers who aren’t Buffy or Faith tear up the scenery as Connor and Dawn 
continue to spark.

Episode 12: Chasing Moira by Toothy 
A gift from a stranger leads Cordelia on a path away from old friends but onto new 

Episode 13: Case Closed by VKMax 
Gwen returns, and Lorne is forced by an unexpected friend to confront a bad habit. 

Episode 14: Hindsight by {mikeyG} 
A lonely and defeated Angel faces a friendless future in a devastated L.A., unless he can 
rescue himself.

Episode 15: Liz by Veggieburger 
Connor has a new car and a new girlfriend who has a deadly effect on the rest of the gang.

Episode 16: Same Word, Three Times by VKMax 
Willow takes Wes under her wing and puts him through a harrowing confrontation.

Episode 17: Nameless by Veggieburger 
A vampire goddess makes Lilah her acolyte as Ethan Rayne moves to destroy his fellow 

Episode 18: The Kiss of Life by Gemma
Spike makes up for lost time as sexual energy gets a boost from Willow’s magick.

Episode 19: Table for Two by Veggieburger 
Lorne reopens his bar and a dimensional hotspot allows our heroes to meet their past 
selves. The gang confronts a terrible realization about Wes.

Episode 20: Downfall by That One Guy 
Angel prepares to battle a deadly foe who knows him better than almost anyone. 

Episode 21: Drenched by Toothy 
Natural disasters spring from a mystical source, and Willow finds earth magick at the 
center of it.

Episode 22: Pawns by VKMax 
The gang calls upon Faith as a brutal confrontation faces Angel. 

Episode 23: Rock, Paper, Scissors by Veggieburger
A former friend becomes a ruthless enemy and kidnaps the Fang Gang, leaving Angel turning 
to advice from…Angelus. 

Episode 24-Season Finale: Dirty Faces in the Morning by VKMax 
The shocking season closer ends with the question: Who Will Shanshu?