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  1. This demo is nothing but 2 calendars with a plugin function fAfterSelect(), which is located in the plugins.js file. The plugin assumes the prefix of the same set of date fields is defined as part of the calendar's context name, ie. gfFlat_[prefix].
  2. If you would like to use hidden input boxes instead of dropdown boxes, you just need to replace the fAfterSelect() with the following:
    function fAfterSelected(y,m,d,e) {
    	var prefix=gTheme[3].split('_')[1];
    	var formRef=gContainer.document.forms[0]; // you may change this if you have more than 1 forms on page
    Then, remove all the dropdowns with the following fields:
    <input name="arrDate" type="hidden">
    <input name="deptDate" type="hidden">

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